Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Points missing from Loblaws purchases

Loblaws has a Points program. Buy stuff and get points on certain items that you "load" onto your card every week.

Except your points are not always correctly given to you.

Recently I started noticing that the points I was supposed to get, I never received. After multiple emails to PC points the problem has been sort of fixed. 

Except yesterday I noticed that I didn't receive my 7500 points (for spending over $75), and I also didn't receive my points for peppers. Once again I had to contact Loblaws. advice to Loblaws shoppers is to check your receipts, and compare to the items that you "loaded" onto your card the previous Friday to ensure you have correctly received your points.

Here is Loblaws email address to bug them if you are missing points:

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