Sunday, June 5, 2016

Stupid people don't help a lovely village

We have been here in Lahinch for the past five weeks from Canada.

We love it here in County Clare Ireland. The people are lovely, the scenery is brilliant, food is grand, and the Smithwicks is the best. We have also visited Ennis, Ennistymon, Corofin and Galway, always taking the local bus.

Every morning we also walk along the promenade in Lahinch, then down along the gravel pathway that runs between the ocean and the golf course. It is a beautiful walk and we greatly enjoy it.

The problem is that we frequently see dog droppings along the path. We have also noticed that there are hefty fines for those droppings, as there are signs all along the way. We also noticed that there are even stations where dog owners can get convenient bags to allow them to easily scoop and poop, so there is no excuse not to pick up after one's dog.

In Canada we also have this problem, as I am sure many other locales do as well. But one morning on our walk we witnessed two young women who were walking a total of six dogs. They were ahead of us on the path. Three of their dogs defecated--all at the same time. We watched in disgust as the owners studiously turned away and continued on their way. Truly it was awful to see this. There is even a sign posted about the danger of dog feces (Toxocariasisto children. Yet these two young women presumably didn't care a whit.

On our return from our walk, we saw another woman who was cleaning up garbage from the side of the road. She said that she chose to do this, and we thought wow, good on you. So we know that it isn't all the people of Lahinch who ignore good outside manners and care for their village.

Some local enforcement of dog droppings would go a long in keeping Lahinch beautiful and safe from ignorant owners. After all, what good are hefty fines if there is no enforcement?

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